As one of the largest geographic Clemson Clubs in the US with over 5,000 constituents, our Club is able to plan and organize exciting social, networking and community service events thanks to our Membership Program.  Your membership dues make these events possible, support our Endowed Scholarship Fund for local students, and help paint our area orange and purple!  As a Club member, you'll be part of an instant network of local Tigers; receive colorful communications and exciting event invitations; and have opportunities to stay engaged with Clemson.

Who can become a Member?

ANYONE!  Clemson Club membership is open to alumni, parents, students, friends and fans (you do not have to be a Clemson alumni).  There are several different membership options depending on your desired level of support.  New graduates and current students ('18-'22) even get free membership just by filling out this form

What are the benefits of Membership?

How do I purchase a Membership?

‚ÄčSelect one of the options below and securely pay online through PayPal (with your PayPal account or with a credit/debit card) or mail a check to The Clemson Club, PO Box 8072, McLean, VA 22106. Please make your check payable to The Clemson Club and include your name, class year, mailing address, phone number and email address.

Membership is valid for one calendar year (January - December) regardless of the date of purchase.  The only exception is the Monthly Auto Draft Sustaining Membership which automatically renews each year. 

2018 Membership Options

*Click on the membership type you wish to purchase to securely pay online through PayPal.  

1.  New Graduates/Current Students ('18-'22) - FREE

All 2018 and 2019 graduates and current students receive free membership thanks to a sponsorship from a generous donor.  The online form must be completed to activate membership which is valid for one calendar year (January - December).  

2.  Recent Graduates ('15-'17) - $25

Discounted Recent Graduate Membership is available to alumni of the classes of 2015, 2016 and 2017 and is valid for one calendar year (January - December). 

3. Alumni/Families/Parents - $40

This membership is for alumni (class of 2014 or earlier), Clemson families (both spouses are Clemson alumni) and parents of current students/alumni (one membership applies to both parents).  It is valid for one calendar year (January - December) 

4.  Monthly Auto Draft Sustaining Membership - $8-$50/month

Through this affordable Monthly Auto Draft Sustaining Membership option, you can further support the Clemson Club and help elevate our impact in the DC/MD/VA region for as little as $8/month.  This membership automatically renews so you never have to worry about renewing again.  

Monthly Auto Drafts are linked through the Clemson Club's PayPal account, so you must have a PayPal account to set up your draft (if you don't have one, don't worry - it's easy to set up). Your draft will begin on the day you subscribe (set up your payment), and it will take place on the same day each month for your selected amount.  Monthly draft amounts are pre-set for $8, $10, $12, $15, $20, $25, $30, $40 or $50. 

5.  Annual Sustaining Membership ($50+) 

With an Annual Sustaining Membership, you choose the amount of additional, voluntary dues to help us continue the level of activity, community involvement, and Clemson presence in our region that we've worked so hard to establish together over the years.  A portion of your membership also supports our Club's Memorial Endowed Scholarship.  This membership is valid for one calendar year (January - December).

6.  Roaring Tiger Membership* - $109+/month, tax deductible (not available online)

Please consider significantly supporting the Clemson Club as a Roaring Tiger!  This membership is valid for one calendar year (January - December) and includes: 

Young Alumni ('09-'18) Roaring Tiger:  Individual ($109/month) or Family ($150/month)

Alumni/Parent Roaring Tiger:  Individual ($209/month) or Family ($250/month)

*Please make your Roaring Tiger Membership check payable to the Clemson University Foundation and mail it to The Clemson Club, PO Box 8072, McLean, VA 22106. 

Questions about membership?  Please contact Rachael Wiker at 703-556-0149 or