Post A Local Job or Internship Opportunity (Employers): 

Is your company hiring?  Post your local job/internship opportunity on ClemsonJobLink to connect with Clemson students and recent alumni.  We have a dedicated "Tigers Go To Washington" page just for opportunities in our area.  This page is available to any employer interested in hiring a Clemson student or alumni for a job or internship (paid or unpaid).  

>> In order to post your job or internship, please contact to obtain the posting form.  Once your posting form is received, the job or internship will be added to the ClemsonJobLink website within 48 business hours. 

The Center for Career and Professional Development regularly promotes ClemsonJobLink to students who can log in with their student ID and password and then search by employer name.  Our employer name is "Tigers Go To Washington." Once this employer name is selected, our dedicated page will open with all local jobs and internships opportunities. 


Find A Local Job or Internship Opportunity (Alumni and Students) 

Any alumni can create a free profile.  The profile application will be reviewed by staff, and alumni will then receive notification of approval via email.  Once the alumni profile is approved, alumni may log into ClemsonJobLink and search the employer field for "Tigers Go To Washington" to see local job and internship opportunities. 

** It is important to remember the first thing to do when looking for a job or internship in DC or surrounding areas is to select the EMPLOYER field and choose TIGERS GO TO WASHINGTON.  This will open the list of local jobs and internship.